Sarah A. Riley



  • I’m exploring Stanford postdoc opportunities as a PRISM Fellow. I’ll be on campus from October 12 through October 15. Get in touch if you’re looking for postdocs!

  • I’m attending the APPAM Fall 2022 Research Conference in Washington, D.C. as an Equity and Inclusion Student Fellow. Get in touch if you’re attending and interested in local government, algorithmic decision systems, and inequality.

  • I’m thrilled to be spending the summer as a Dissertation Fellow at UCLA’s Center for Critical Internet Inquiry. As a fellow, I’ll conduct fieldwork in Virginia and begin analyzing a recently acquired county-wide dataset. I hope to assess how human discretion on the part of pretrial officers and judges affects risk scores and pretrial detention decisions. 

  • Catch me in Lisbon at the Law and Society conference. I’m presenting work on implementation variation in the administration of pretrial risk assessments and consequences for generalizability. I’m also participating in the LSA Graduate Student and Early Career Workshop.

  • I officially adopted my sweet foster pup, Gina. She’s a goofy sweetheart.