Sarah A. Riley


Current Projects
  • Infrastructural Spillover: I explore how legal actors repurpose pretrial risk assessments to fulfill their professional obligations, perhaps altering perceptions of the tool’s utility and perpetuating their use even when they fail to achieve—or undermine—their intended goals of promoting racial equity, public safety, and decarceration.
  • Cumulative Inequality: using a countywide dataset, I analyze the effect of pretrial officer discretion on three stages of outcomes in the pretrial process, and the differential impact of pretrial officer discretion across racial groups.  

  • Karen Levy, Kyla Chasalow, and Sarah Riley. “Algorithms and Decision-Making in the Public Sector.” Annual Review of Law and Social Science, vol. 17: 309–334.
  • Klein, Nicholas J., Minh Tran, and Sarah Riley. "“Desperately Need a Car”: Analyzing crowdfunding campaigns for car purchases and repairs on Gofundme. com." Travel Behaviour and Society 21 (2020): 247-256.